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List of institutions with a program for „Research in Pairs“ in mathematics

  • American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), San Jose
    program: SQuaRE ♦ participants: 4-6 („Preference is given to groups which contain a mix of junior and senior researchers, and to groups which have participants from North America“) ♦ duration: 1 week
  • Banff International Research Station (BIRS)
    program: Focused Research Groups ♦ participants: up to 8 ♦ duration: 1-2 weeks
    program: Research in Teams ♦ participants: 2-4 ♦ duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM), Luminy
    program: Research in Pairs ♦ participants: up to 4 ♦ duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP), Paris
    program: Research in Paris ♦ participants: not specified ♦ duration: maximum 6 weeks
  • Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics (MFO)
    program: Research in Pairs ♦ participants: 2-4 ♦ duration: 2-4 weeks

Reviews for Zentralblatt Math

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Websites of some Operator Algebraists

Some Collected Quotes

  • „You have to allow for C*-algebras without projections. But that’s another day at the office.“ (George Elliott, about the generalization of a result from simple unital to simple projectionless C*-algebras. Workshop Cuntz semigroups, Münster, July 2021.)
  • „I am not a scholar, but I get around.“ (George Elliott, when discussing with the audience whether the uniqueness of the commutation relations and the characterization of compacts by a unique irreducible representation was due to von Neummann in 1931 or Naimark in 1951. Barcelona Conference on C*-algebras: Structure, Classification and Dynamics, June 2017)
  • „No animals are killed in this process.“ (George Elliott, about a classification functor that doesn’t „kill“ any automorphisms. Barcelona Conference on C*-algebras: Structure, Classification and Dynamics, June 2017)
  • „It’s worse than nothing. Apologies to the experts.“ (George Elliott, towards Ilijas Farah about the shortcomings of the quotient R/Q as a topological or Boral space. Barcelona Conference on C*-algebras: Structure, Classification and Dynamics, June 2017)
  • „I would think there is more than one way to get dressed in the morning, and it would still be satisfactory.“ (George Elliott, When discussing canonical vs. natural, and that natural does not mean unique. Barcelona Conference on C*-algebras: Structure, Classification and Dynamics, June 2017)
  • „Life’s too short to worry about nonseparable things.“ (Cornel Pasnicu, at the Barcelona Conference on C*-algebras: Structure, Classification and Dynamics, June 2017. According to Pasnicu this is a quote of Mackey.)