Workshop `Cuntz semigroups‘ 2022

The Cuntz semigroup is a geometric refinement of K-theory that was introduced by Cuntz in the 1970s in his pioneering work on the structure of simple C*-algebras. This powerful invariant has seen many applications in the structure and classification theory of C*-algebras. Recently, it has also become clear that Cuntz semigroups are interesting objects of study in their own right.

This workshop will bring together researchers that are interested in the different aspects of Cuntz semigroups in areas such as C*-algebras, dynamical systems, and model theory.

Date: 19. – 23. September 2022

Venue: Department of Mathematics, University of Kiel, Heinrich-Hecht-Platz 6, 24118 Kiel.

Schedule: Schedule of talks. List of titles and abstracts.


Cuntz in Kiel 2022
Toms & Winter in Kiel 2022

Monday will have the mini-course An introduction to the modern theory of Cuntz semigroups, aimed at PhD students and Postdocs in operator algebras. Tuesday-Friday will be research talks. The mini-course speakers are:

Eusebio Gardella (Gothenburg)

Francesc Perera (Barcelona)

Perera & Gardella in Kiel 2022


Ramon Antoine (Barcelona)
Dawn Archey (Detroit)
Tristan Bice (Prague)
Joan Bosa (Zaragoza)
Laurent Cantier (Prague)
James Gabe (Odense)
Eusebio Gardella (Gothenburg)
Shirly Geffen (Leuven)
Ilan Hirshberg (Be’er Scheva)
Bhishan Jacelon (Prague)
Francesc Perera (Barcelona)
N. Christopher Phillips (Oregon)
Mikael Rørdam (Copenhagen)
Andrew Toms (Purdue)
Eduard Vilalta (Barcelona)
Stuart White (Oxford)
Wilhelm Winter (Münster)

Workshop Picture

The workshop dinner is on Thursday at 19:00 (7 PM) at Restaurant Ratskeller
Fleethörn 9-11, 24103 Kiel

Information about hotels and transportation:

Hotel Berliner Hof
Ringstraße 6, 24103 Kiel
This hotel is very close to the main train station („Kiel Hauptbahnhof“). Reception is open 24/7. Check-in is after 15:00 (3 PM), Check-out is before 11:00 (11 AM).

B&B Hotel Kiel-Wissenschaftspark
Fraunhoferstraße 3 , 24118 Kiel
This hotel is right next to the math department. Reception is open from 6:00 to 23:00 Monday-Friday, and 7:00 to 22:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Check-in is after 14:00 (2 PM), Check-out is before 12:00 (noon).

How to get from the main train station / hotel Berliner Hof to B&B hotel / math department:

Bus 91 goes every 20 minutes directly from the main station (100m from hotel Berliner Hof) to the university. Get off at station „Rankestraße“, which is 150m from B&B hotel and 200m from the math department. You can also take buses 11, 12 or 13, which run every 5-10 minutes, from the main station to „Hardenbergstraße“, which is 700m from B&B and 750m from the math department.