Workshop `Cuntz semigroups‘ 2021

The Cuntz semigroup is a geometric refinement of K-theory that was introduced by Cuntz in the 1970s in his pioneering work on the structure of simple C*-algebras. This powerful invariant has seen many applications in the structure and classification theory of C*-algebras. Recently, it has also become clear that Cuntz semigroups are interesting objects of study in their own right.

This workshop will bring together researchers that are interested in the different aspects of Cuntz semigroups in areas such as C*-algebras, dynamical systems, and model theory.

Poster: Download here.

Date: 12. – 16. July 2021

This workshop is part of the Focus Programme Operator algebras and topological dynamics: amenability and beyond, which was originally planned for June-August 2020 but was postponed to 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.

Schedule: Download as PDF. The workshop dinner is on Wednesday (14. July) at 20:00 in the restaurant Kleiner Kiepenkerl.

Titles and Abstracts: Download as PDF.

List of open problems: A list of open problems gathered during the workshop (download PDF)

The workshop is a hybrid-event, with the possibility of online and offline participation. Participants who attend the workshop in person are requested to follow the hygiene concept of the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster.

Organizers: Eusebio Gardella (University of Münster) & Hannes Thiel (TU Dresden)