(Entries on MathSciNet and zbMATH and arXiv)

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Other Writing

  1. C*-algebras of stable rank one and their Cuntz semigroups. Oberwolfach Extended Abstract for Conference „C*-Algebras“, 11. August – 17. August 2019.
  2. Die Spur auf einem endlichen Faktor. Notizen zum Beweis der Existenz und Eindeutigkeit der Spur auf einem endlichen Faktor; Uni Münster, Sommersemester 2018.
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  4. The generator rank for C-algebras. Oberwolfach Extended Abstract for Conference „C*-Algebras, Dynamics, and Classification“, 28. October – 3. November 2012.
  5. A Survey on non-commutative Dimension theories. Notes from October 2011.
  6. The connection between shape theory and E-theory. Notes for a talk given at the University of Copenhagen, 19. January 2011.
  7. The Cuntz semigroup and its relation to classification. Notes from a course by Andrew Toms at the Master Class „Classification of C*-algebras“ in Copenhagen, November 2009.
  8. One-dimensional C*-algebras and their K-theory. My diploma thesis at the university of Münster, August 2009, supervisor: Wilhelm Winter.
  9. An Introduction to Hochschild and Cyclic homology. Term paper at UC Berkeley, Spring 2006.
  10. The QR algorithm (and other methods to compute the eigenvalues of complex matrices). Term paper at University of Potsdam, 2005.