Nonseparable, exact C*-algebras

Von | Dezember 8, 2023

It is known that every nuclear C*-algebra is exact, and that exactness passes to sub-C*-algebras. It follows that every sub-C*-algebra of a nuclear C*-algebra is exact. For separable C*-algebras, the converse holds. In fact, Kirchberg’s \mathcal{O}_2-embedding theorem shows that a separable C*-algebra A is exact if and only if it embeds into the Cuntz algebra \mathcal{O}_2 (which is nuclear), Theorem 6.3.11 in ​[1]​.

At the Kirchberg Memorial Conference in Münster, July 2023, Simon Wassermann asked if this result can be generalized to the nonseparable case:

Question: Does every (nonseparable) exact C*-algebra embed into a nuclear C*-algebra?

  1. [1]
    M. Rørdam, E. Størmer, Classification of Nuclear C*-Algebras. Entropy in Operator Algebras, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2002.

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