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Nonregular, simple, nuclear C*-algebras

Von | September 7, 2020

(Based on the talk „Thoughts on the classification problem for amenable C*-algebras“ of George Elliott, 30. June 2020, at the Zagreb Workshop on Operator Theory.) Let us consider the class of unital, separable, simple, nuclear C*-algebras. The Toms-Winter conjecture predicts that for such an algebra , the following conditions are equivalent: has finite nuclear dimension.… Weiterlesen »

Real rank of   B(H)\otimes B(H)

Von | Juni 20, 2020

Given a separable, infinite-dimensional Hilbert space , what is the real rank of the minimal tensor product ? Background/Motivation: The real rank is a noncommutative dimension theory that was introduced by Brown and Pedersen in ​[1]​. It associates to each C*-algebra a number (its real rank) . The lowest and most interesting value is zero.… Weiterlesen »

Automorphisms of the Calkin algebra

Von | Juni 20, 2020

Does the Calkin algebra admit an automorphism that induces the flip on ? Background/Motivation: Let be a separable, infinite-dimensional Hilbert space. The Calkin algebra is the quotient of the bounded, linear operators on by the closed, two-sided ideal of compact operators. The important problem of whether the Calkin algebra has outer automorphisms was eventually shown… Weiterlesen »