C*-algebras complemented in their biduals

Von | Dezember 20, 2020

Question: Let A be a C*-algebra that is complemented in its bidual A^{**} by a *-homomorphism, that is, there exists a *-homomorphism \pi\colon A^{**}\to A such that \pi(a)=a for all a\in A. Is A a von Neumann algebra?

The converse is true: Let A be a von Neumann algebra. Then A has a (unique) isometric predual A_*. Let \kappa_{A_*}\colon A_*\to (A_*)^{**} be the natural inclusion of the Banach space A_* in its bidual. We naturally identify the dual of A_* with A, and the dual of (A_*)^{**} with A^{**}. Then the transpose \kappa_{A_*}^*\colon A^{**}=(A_*)^{***}\to (A_*)^*=A is a *-homomorphism that complements A in A^{**}.

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