Realizing Cuntz classes in commutative subalgebras

Von | Juli 18, 2021

Let A be a unital, simple C*-algebra of stable rank one. Does there exist a commutative sub-C*-algebra C(X)\subseteq A such that for every lower-semicontinuous function f\colon\mathrm{QT}_1(A)\to[0,1] there exists an open subset U\subseteq X such that f(\tau)=\mu_\tau(U) for \tau\in\mathrm{QT}_1(A)? Here, \mathrm{QT}_1(A) denotes the Choquet simplex of normalized 2-quasitraces on A (if A is exact, then this is just the Choquet simplex of tracial states on A), and \mu_\tau denotes the probability measure on X induced by the restriction of \tau to C(X).

More specifically, one may ask if this is always the case for a Cartan subalgebra of A.

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